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Only prospective examiners with the following required qualification would be considered.
Qualifications for marking AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE 3

Qualification Details
B. Sc., B. Sc (Ed), B. Ed, B. Agric, B. Tech, B. Agric. Tech.
Agricultural Economics/Farm Management/Agricultural Business
Agricultural Education/Vocational Education
Agricultural Extension/Rural Development/Rural Sociology
Agricultural Science
Animal and Environmental Biology
Animal Biology and Environment
Animal Genetics and Breeding
Animal Production/Animal Science
Crop Production/Agronomy/Crop Science/Crop Technology/Plant Science/Horticulture
Crop protection and Environmental Biology
Crop Science and Biotechnology/Agro-climatology
Forestry Management/Forestry
Soil and Environmental Management
Soil Science/Farm Mechanization
Total Qualification(s) Found: 16
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